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Sin City is going to get a HOLLYWOOD makeover!

Get the type of headshots that are being used in Hollywood!
* For your acting career in Vegas
* For promotional use for your social and multi-media.
* To have strong and workable headshots before you come out to L.A. or NYC!
* Just for

* I  come to vegas once or twice a month for a few days on business.

* All  you need to do is email, text or call me to find out what those days are.

* Then we will schedule a timslot for you. It will probably be a weekend shoot (Sat or Sun).

* See BELOW the showgirls pic for PRICES , LOCATION and DEPOSIT requirement.

Basic Package is $200 (cash and credit cards accepted)​

* A $50 DEPOSIT is required to HOLD a timeslot (which you can pay online after we discuss a shoot date for you). It will be deducted from your balance.

Includes: 3 outfits, original photos on disc and  FREE online proofsheets for 30 days.

* If I have to come to a specific location or if your shoot requires high ceilings (like the showgirls pic above)- then extra cost will accrue for travel and studio rental space. (the showgirls needed high ceilings because they were tall and needed their 3 feet hats be in the pics). Single person headshot shoots do NOT need a special location.


(for non specialty location shoot)

You will be going to the Southwest part of Las Vegas. 15 fwy and Blue Diamond Road exit. The area is  Blue Diamond Road and Jones Road . Once we set and confirm a timeslot, more information will be given.

So go through my site and look at my work and see who I have shot! To get back to this page, just go to the homepage and click on the LAS VEGAS sign. Enjoy, and I can't wait to talk to you!

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