* For LAS VEGAS/NYC shoots: please email or call me for current prices

(NYC and Vegas prices are different, call or email to inquire)​​​

* Unlimited Photos!
* SHOOTS Mon-Fri

-make-up not included or required
-$50 for each additional outfit
(redeemed at day of shoot)
-$15 if you want 30 day ONLINE PROOFSHEETS
(scroll down for more details)
-Requires non-refundable $50 DEPOSIT
to HOLD your specific appt date only. 
(will be deducted from balance)
-Accepts CASH, VISA, MC, AMEX, PAYPAL & CHECK (see special on cash purchases- in red star burst below)
-You get a disc with all your originals!


* Quick note about appointments on WEEKDAYS:  Since I am an actor as well- if my agents or managers call me for an audition we would have to re-schedule our appointment.  I would call you as soon as I find out and we would have to re-schedule.  I would assume the same from you. As soon as you get an audition, I would expect a call from you as well to re-schedule.

LOCATION is in the HOLLYWOOD: Once you make an

appointment, I will give you the exact address and directions.

Make-Up: Make up Is not included.  Look at my samples, 96% of my clients did there own make-up or no make up at all.  You must look like your pics, and agents, casting directors and managers agree with me!  You can do the following for your shoot: (1) Do your make up (2) No make-up at all (for children, men and women who wear no make-up). (3) Hire your own make-up artist or I can give you a list of make-up artist (separate charges will apply). (4) Go to MAC make-up stores before your shoot and they can apply make up for a small fee. You are responsible for your own make-up.

ONLINE PROOFSHEETS: This is a fast and inexpensive way to show all your pics to your AGENTS, MANAGERS, ACTING COACH, OTHER ACTORS, FRIENDS and FAMILY.  I can put your photo session on your very own website link. You can send this site to everyone and have them help you pick the shots you need to have to get you work. It will be up for 30 days. Go to the the following link to see a sample ONLINE PROOFSHEETS:

*This special pricing package can not be combined with other offers or deals and does not include free re-shoots or refunds. Make Up and Hair is the responsibility of the actor/model. Scheduling and re-scheduling  is possible upon photographer's approval.

$ 175 for 3 outfits